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How to buy Seismic CB

Seismic CB is a token on the Binance Smart Chain. You can buy Seismic CB on Pancake Swap with the following contract address : 0x711a1c3c02031962a5d84ba546f37f0c183bb938

10 Million

Total Supply


Minimum Slippage


Total Tax







Seismic Listings

Seismic Price Information

Benefits from Buying & Holding Seismic CB


Buy and stake your Seismic CB to earn more Seismic CB. To earn passive income in the form of Seismic CB rewards.

How to stake

  • Visit https://thesphynx.co/pools/56
  • Connect your wallet to BSC chain (trust wallet users need to ensure their wallet connect in settings is set to smart chain)
  • On the SCB Pool click on "details"
  • Click on "Enable"
  • Approve the pop up in the wallet (this confirmation only needs to be done once)
  • Click on Stake
  • Select the amount you'd like to stake and click on confirm
  • Approve the pop up in the wallet
  • You have now staked your SCB Tokens


Through the adoption of Seismic CB your investment grows as the demand for Seismic CB is ever increasing.


20% of Seismic CB Ltd is owned in trust by Crypto Investors.


2022 Q1

  • Establish Seismic Board of Directors
  • Company Registration
  • Registration as Financial Services Provider
  • Seismic CB BSC Contract Relaunch On Pancake Swap
  • Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap Listing
  • Launch First Staking Pool
  • Seismic Merchant Services Beta Release

2022 Q2

  • Pre-Registration for Seismic CB Ltd Accounts
  • Platform Utilities Release
  • App Release
  • Updated Website
  • Centralized Exchange Listings
  • 500 Seismic Merchant Services Signups
  • Reporting of Seismic CB Ltd Revenues

2022 Q3

  • Launch Credit Division
  • 10,000 Platform Users
  • Distribution of First Dividend
  • Additional 500 Seismic Merchant Services Signups
  • Launch Multiple Farming Pools

2022 Q4

  • Investment Instruments Launch
  • Grow Platform Users by at least 2000 per Month
  • Further Development
  • Explore International Markets
  • More Announcements To Come

How Does Seismic Plan to Grow?

Seismic employed a team of professionals who specialize in development, marketing and constant innovation of financial services provider.

Seismic aims to become the leader in FIAT and Crypto Currency services in the world.

The more Seismic CB offers the real world and crypto markets, through innovation and platform growth, the more the demand for Seismic will increase and therefor the more your investment and related opportunities will grow.

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