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Seismic CB Ltd is a financial services provider that facilitates transactional, credit and investment financial instruments within South Africa and the global marketplace. Seismic aims to provide fast and easy transacting in the real world as well as the ability to use crypto currency on Seismic CB Merchant Services Platform.

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Financial Services provided by Seismic CB Ltd


Services offered by Seismic to Real World and Crypto users

Who was Seismic built for?

In South Africa Seismic was built for the unbanked, informal and lower income users. Seismic is used as a platform for instant payments and being able to spend receivables without the need for massive fees. Ever expanding Seismic aims to become a world leader in transactional utilities to both the Crypto and Real World.

What makes Seismic appealing to use?

Evolving Financial Services For The Real & Crypto World

Seismic Vision

Seismic CB Ltd being a public company incorporated and registered as a financial services provider in South Africa, adheres to the highest standards of financial audit and regulatory approval.

The goal of Seismic CB Ltd is to provide platform for financial services in South Africa and the world. Providing a fresh alternative to traditional banking while providing deposit security and cost effective ease of use for crypto and real world users.

Seismic provides financial services with the highest levels of integrity, security and transparency, to ensure that our clients have a seamless experience while transacting with Seismic's financial platform.

Seismic is always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve our services, we always strive to bring the latest utilities to our user base.

Seismic Transaction Types:

  • Payments to other Seismic account holders
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cash withdrawals (Limited to KYC consumers)
  • Make purchases with your Seismic Debit Card
  • Buy mobile airtime, data & SMS bundles
  • Prepaid utility bills
  • Ability to transfer funds
Seimsic Platform

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